Learn How to Use Zorba to Sell your Listing and Off-Market Deals Faster – In Video

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Welcome to Zorba, and thank you for joining us as a partner. We’re here to help you sell your listings and off-market deals faster.

Here’s how to submit your property online in just 60 seconds and get a cash offer straight on your dashboard: Start by signing up or logging in at getzorba.com/buybox.

Just type the address of your property into the designated spot. Get instant feedback on whether your  property fits with our buying criteria. Double-check the info we have on file is spot-on and hit continue.

Set your deal terms. Whether it’s a pre-inspection or a contingency deal, we’re flexible.  And if the title’s all clear, we can wrap things up in as little as 14 days. Tell us about your connection to the property and what the occupancy situation will look like when we close.

Next, pick a time that suits you for our team to pop by for an inspection and click continue. Add a link for photos showing off both the inside and outside of your property. Click ‘get finalized offer’.

We’ll do our thing, crunching the numbers by leveraging our proprietary real estate data to  come up with a cash offer. If the property is a match, you’ll get a competitive cash offer pop up on your dashboard, typically in 24 hours or less. 

Every 60-sec, a partner like you is requesting a cash offer through the app. 

Even during market’s downturn, Zorba’s offers stay competitive. Every 60-sec, a partner like you is requesting a cash offer through the app. If negotiation is needed, you’ve got one chance to counter the offer. If the offer works, move forward by either setting up an inspection (for those pre-inspection deals) or asking for a contract (if you’re going the contingency route).  Make sure you’re available by phone and email, as our acquisition team might  reach out to you to expedite the process. Pick a few times that work for you for the inspection, and hit confirm.

Inspections are completed within 3-5 business days, and our due diligence process is even faster. Keep an eye on the progress of your offer at the bottom of your dashboard. 

Leveraging the latest technology, we’re aiming to invest $300 million for our clients in the next 24 months. Our team is made up of problem solvers and industry leaders, ready to help our partners grow their local businesses. 

Why wait? Submit your first listing or off-market deal today at getzorba.com/buybox.